The Dune Soundtrack was mostly made by the band Toto, and that picture is of Steve Porcaro working their huge Polyfusion Modular Synth. In 1984 Dune was the most expensive film ever made. And thats what makes it so amazing that they put David Lynch in charge of proceedings, being such an experimental and weird director. The result is a delicious slice of 80s exotica, and the fact that Brian Eno also made some of the music makes it v special. Apparently he made a version of the whole soundtrack but the only track to make it on to the final cut was the Prophecy Theme. The track uses an aeolian harp-inspired musical theme, the concept being that dunes are also formed by the wind. Pretty clever stuff. And it has a beautiful string sound that I think might be a DX7, which had just come out 1984…..