After spending quite a bit of time with the Doepfer recently I decided to have a play around on the Serge system in the studio and have to say that for the kind of ‘organic’ inter-modulating patches I have been working on it totally rules! Interesting sounds just ooze out of every pore [patch-socket] and because of the stackable banana cords you can keep building up the complexity of a patch really intuitively. I should get some of these new stackcable minijacks for the Doepfer / Roland 100M / Formant, but they are not cheap – a very modest patch is going to be around 20 cables / £100!

My Serge system consists of the following modules, mostly from the early 70s:
[its hard to describe the modules properly as they usually have multiple functions depending on how they are patched, but heres a brief summary]

3 x dual positive slew [osc/env]
3 x dual negative slew [osc/env]
3 x smooth / stepped function gen [sort of dual osc, but much more as well]
2 x precision VCO
3 x noise/random sources
2 x dual VC processors
5 x multi filters
3 x VCA
3 x phasers
2 x 10 step sequencers with 4 banks of 3 x 4 matrix mixers for VC output
2 x spring reverbs
2 x 4 ch VC mixers
dual 3 ch mixer
analog shift register
ring mod
dual VC slew
bi-directional router

This patch is completely self-generating and has no external effects or delays on it, just pure Serge. It uses a sequencer, two oscillators, ring mod, 8 LFOs, two filters, a VC processor, two phasers, two reverbs and a stereo mixer and about 40 banana cords

Here is the patch and the audio