Don Larking is also selling that V series Neve I posted about earlier. But check this out. He’s also got John Lennon’s two EMT 140 plate reverbs, the ones used on Imagine etc. Pretty cool

EMT 140 Stereo Transistor Echo Plates, previous owner John Lennon

In 1970 a company called AUDIOTEK, owned by studio designer Eddie Veale, was appointed by Apple Corps to create a music studio at Tittinghurst Park, Ascot, the home of John Lennon.

Among the items specified by Eddie Veale to be purchased for the studio were 2 EMT 140 Echo plates, and a Crown DC300 power amplifier. The serial numbers of the echo plates is 02802 & 02824, the echo plates and serial numbers are listed on the schedule of the Tittenhurst Park Collection as complied by the London Studio Exchange and confirmed by Mr Veale as being supplied to Tittenhurst Park when John Lennon was in residence. Although we have the Crown DC300 the serial number is not noted.

Tittenhurst Park was where John Lennon recorded IMAGINE, his greatest solo hit which was produced by Phil Spector.

We have the 2 Echo Plates and the Crown DC300 in stock which will eventually be sold once we can assess the true value. We also have a Studer A80 Stereo Recorder with Dolby’s which was purchased for Tittenhurst Park after it was sold to Ringo Star.

We have written proof confirming the above, copies of which are available on request and which will be given to the eventual purchasers of this equipment.

If you have never seen or used an EMT Echo plate you may be surprised to hear that the box is over 2 metres long and 1.5 metres high and unlike digital effects processors they produce just 1 sound, a sound that is know as Plate Reverb, there is 1 parameter, adjustable decay, from 1 second to 5 seconds. They also have to be located in an isolated room so that no sould is picked up by them. You may think that this is a lot of trouble for just 1 sound – not really, it is the quality of the sound which is why they are in such demand. Usually they sell for £ 1,000 – £ 2,000, in view of their history these ones will most probably be sold in a Pop Memorabilia sale and should sell for a lot more