I just saw this ebay auction via Matrixsynth for an Octave Cat duosynth. It’s basically an ARP Odyssey clone from the 70s. This was the first synth I owned, I can’t remember where I got it from, maybe someone I was in a band with. I paid £30 for it, I think in 1987. I sold it to a music shop for £40 a few months later, which seemed like a really good deal at the time. I wonder how much this one on ebay will get. With the £40 I bought a Moog Prodigy, which I sold to buy a Yamaha CS40M, which I sold to DJ Billy Nasty via Loot. That was the last synth I ever sold, probably in 1990. With the proceeds I bought my EMS VCS3, directly from Robin Wood at his farmhouse in Cornwall. And so began my synth obsession