UPDATE: It’s no wonder Edward Williams is pictured with all that EMS equipment, according to the book Vintage Synthesizers he actually OWNED the EMS company for a while….


I have just discovered this little gem on the wonderful Trunk Records. It’s the music from the 1979 BBC series Life On Earth by Edward Williams [pictured below with EMS gear including in the background the uber-rare Synthi Sequencer 256]. You can read at the link above the fascinating story of how Jonny Trunk discovered this lost recording, which was only pressed up by the composer to give out to members of his orchestra – rare!

The album is mostly lovely english pastoral fare, with occasional sprinklings of studio effects and minor electronics

I was interviewed in 2008 by Jonny for his excellent Resonance FM radio show where we discussed Twenty Systems and electronics in film and tv music in general. I am trying to find an archive of it to post here. Here is his review of my album he wrote for Record Collector


‘Eusthenopteron and the Primeval Swamp’ by Edward Williams. Buy the album here in any format