Here are some scans from the above publication. I got them from the Moog Archives site. They were put together it seems by Moog themselves: “Electronic Music Review was published quarterly by the Independent Electronic Music Center, Inc., out of the R.A.Moog plant in Trumansburg, New York. The intent of the magazine was to provide a source of information on all aspects of electronic music. Contributors included some of the leading composers, educators, writers, and engineers in the field… Bode, Stockhausen, Berio, LeCaine, Carlos, Mumma, Davies, Cary, Dolby, and Moog.
Issue number 2 and 3 was the “International Electronic Music Catalog”, compiled by Hugh Davies, simultaneously published in early 1968 as a hard-cover book by MIT Press (as pictured here)”

I would love to find an original set of these!