I popped in to Maplin on the way to the studio today to check out the knobs. Theres always lots of knobs in Maplin. Here are the ones that I thought looked nicest, so then I tried them out on the Doepfer, as I am planning on modifying some of the modules to put into the spare panel on the Serge

The idea is to create a delay and services panel. There is a pretty big quirk with the Doepfer 188 delay because it doesn’t automatically filter out the internal clock that controls the BBD line, and a whining oscillator sound is clearly audible in the delayed signal. So what you have to do is use a separate low pass filter to remove it [it has got a CV output from the delay speed control for this purpose] but then you need to use a mixer to mix the delayed and filtered signal with the original to get what is normally achieved with a delay unit. So in other words you need to use 3 separate modules and six patch cables to get it working right. But I suppose that is the joy of modular synthesis!

Here is the patch in audio form, using an oscillator which is being driven by an LFO through a S&H clocked by a saw wave