These amazing BBC archive records found their way in to my studio today. I can’t explain how this happened due to the Official Electronic Secrets Act of 1957. I have 3 records which I will put up here over the next few days, and as far as I know these are not online anywhere else

The first is titled “The Sound Makers” and is a documentary about synthesis and sound manipulation at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop from 1963. It was part of the BBC’s RECORDED PROGRAMMES PERMANENT LIBRARY which is an archive on vinyl, I believe limited to only a few copies of each

I have always felt that it is a shame the BBC don’t make their archives available, think how much amazing stuff they have just sitting there in a vault somewhere – and that includes thousands of amazing TV programmes and documentaries

Below are some pictures from this gallery of Radiophonic Workshop images, chosen because they are from the period covered by the Sound Makers documentary

Download Side A
Download Side B