Do you ever find yourself with a couple of thousand hours of time to kill? You could do a lot worse than head over to the incredible UBUWEB where you will find hour upon hour of art and experimental video, all archived and sorted and ready to amaze

I have only just dipped my toe into the water there, but already discovered fascinating films I have never seen before about some of my heroes; Don Van Vliet [RIP], Marcel Duchamp, Ivor Cutler, Joseph Beuys, theres so much stuff! But I was overjoyed to discover this film lurking in the shadows – a 1973 film from the amazingly-titled National Center for Experiments in Television featuring an analog video synth and a Buchla 200 modular system. You can watch the whole 30 minute film here but here is the introduction:

UPDATE: I found a couple of pictures, below, of Warner Jepson and the ‘Buchla Box’ he used in this performance. They are from here