Please allow me to wallow in some Buchla madness, found at various times on matrixsynth. First we have two of the best systems I have ever seen of the 70’s era 200 series [picture 2 is my all time favorite looking synth, and is actually 100 series modules in a 200 case]. These are from Rick’s flickr page, who is in charge of looking after the equipment at the Cantos Foundation in Calgary, lucky chap! He restored these two monsters a while ago. After that is a recent video by Cary Grace, an american musician living in Somerset, although the huge Buchla 200 she is tweaking is in the US. She does a cool radio show which you can listen to here

UPDATE: see the comms

UPDATE2: see the comms again, but here is the actual Cantos Buchla 100 in a 200 case:

OK here is another large system, this time from the background of this picture. I think I am obsessed with Buchlas