I saw this remarkable video over on matrixsynth. It pretty much speaks for itself, but half way through watching it I realised that this is Joe McGinty’s studio, the guy that I met last year when I bought his Paia modular system. For some reason I never got round to posting much about that experience. Before driving from LA to NY in October I had won an ebay auction for the system pictured below. Its always nerve wracking bidding blind on something like this, not knowing the seller, or being able to check it out in person because it is on another continent. But the communications I had with Joe were reassuring, he is a very cool guy. So I paid him a deposit and told him I was planning a trip to NY and everything fell into place. I was pretty worn out after driving 3000 miles with no breaks, and turned up at his Brooklyn studio (which sadly wasn’t full of Synth-Babes at the time) just in time to pick up the Paia and pack it up and get to the airport that last day. But taking it home with me saved the shipping costs, which pretty much paid for my flight. I love it when a plan comes together